Yoga Teacher Supervision and Support

I know both how challenging and rewarding it can be to make your passion for yoga also your career and livelihood.

As yoga teachers we come into this work through a heartfelt desire to share with others a practice that has given us a sense of meaning, connection and peace. The reality is that in it can be tough to make a living from yoga teaching, and the path to building a sustainable business and teaching schedule can be lonely and isolating. Perhaps surprisingly for many, the prevalence of burnout amongst yoga teachers is high.

Whilst many teachers will understand the importance of maintaining their own personal yoga practice and enrolling in ongoing continuing education, you may not have considered the importance of obtaining professional supervision or mentoring support as an important part of your personal and professional development.


I personally believe that given the work we do, professional support is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

One of the best financial investments I made in my teaching career was seeking support and guidance from a yoga teacher mentor. These sessions of compassionate, mindful guidance have played a huge role in keeping me grounded, personally accountable and inspired.

Along with teaching on yoga teacher trainings and yoga therapy courses, I offer mentoring and supervision sessions for qualified yoga teachers and yoga therapists. My aim in these sessions is provide a warm, kind and safe space for you to bring your questions, your fears, hopes and aspirations. You set the agenda for what you would like to explore and discuss in each session, and through a process of mindful compassionate enquiry we allow for whatever inner wisdom to unfold. To give you a sense of what might be discussed, below are some of the topics and common themes that have come up in previous supervision sessions:

  • Working with imposter syndrome
  • Practical guidance and ideas for working with specific health conditions
  • Exploring mental blocks that hinder teaching skills
  • Guidance on building a sustainable teaching schedule
  • Establishing of boundaries such as time, energy, money etc.
  • Improving communication skills


I offer the following options for teachers:

1 hr  x mentoring sessions – £55

5 pack x 1 hr mentoring sessions £250

10 pack x 1 hr mentoring sessions £450


If you would like to know more about yoga teacher mentoring or to arrange a free discussion to see if it’s appropriate for you, please contact me: vicky[@]