What is Private Yoga Therapy?


Private yoga therapy is a return to the traditional way of teaching yoga – 1:1 with an emphasis on catering to your unique circumstances, abilities and goals.


In so doing, yoga therapy rejects the one-size-fits-all mentality in favour of a more personalised approach.


As a yoga therapist I regard each student as unique and individual. There are no set sequences or cookie-cutter methods, just a commitment to working with and empowering you to find optimal mind-body functioning.


Yoga therapy is a truly holistic modality in that it recognises that our health and wellbeing depend upon a fascinating and often complex interplay between our physical bodies, our minds, our environment and lifestyle and our interpersonal relationships.


In a typical yoga therapy session I take the incredible array of yoga tools, such as postures, breathwork and mindfulness techniques, and tailor them to create logical, progressive and results-focused practices that address where you’re at today, whilst moving you towards your health goals and aspirations.

Whether you’re using yoga to address an injury or to reduce, manage or even alleviate a specific health condition, private yoga therapy can provide you with the tools to support you on your journey.


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