Private Yoga Therapy

all your questions answered

Are you a beginner to yoga and don’t know where to start?

Do you have a health concern and you’d like to learn how yoga can help?

Do you play sport and want to know how yoga can improve your performance?

Are you looking for help with an ongoing injury?

Do you have physical limitations that make group yoga classes intimidating or inaccessible?


If so, private yoga therapy classes may be the perfect solution for you!


Yoga therapy private classes offer highly specialised, accessible and targeted instruction that is tailored to your body, your lifestyle and your needs.


Why are private yoga therapy classes so special? 

  • You receive 100% personalised attention and a tailor-made practice that honours exactly what you need at every session and addresses any health goals you have.
  • You will learn appropriate modifications, sequences and poses to bring your body into an optimal state of health and balance.
  • You can ask as many questions as you like and work at your own pace.
  • You can practice at a time and day that fits your schedule.
  • You will receive a personalised, result-driven take-home practice that is safe, effective and enjoyable.
  • You will see positive physical changes more quickly than in a large group-class setting.